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I wasn’t surprised that when I sent the note out that I was resurrecting the blog that I got the question from long-time friends and family, “why?”
In fact, I was even speaking with a friend at the turn of the year…reminiscing about the previous iteration.She mentioned she liked it because it was raw and emotional, it was honest.Well, I hope this latest version is also…but I suspect it might not be as raw and emotional… as often. Not so much 'newness' as before, I think.
But again, “why?”
So, when I started the first version when Demetrius was about six, it had everything to do with the boy’s entrance into mainstream life.School. After school. Socialization…. more than pre-school and having momma bear right there.IEPs, interaction with ‘neuro-typical’ children and parents…trying to see where there could be connections with those typical kids and folk; and where the parallel paths just would never meet.
There were a lot of firsts in the mid-2000s for this family.I will be hones…
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Demetrius wrote a letter to Stan Lee, and also sent along a picture he drew of himself....outlining his super powers. Circa 2012 I believe.

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Death By Escalator Conversation

Monday January 15, 2018 – Tuesday January 16, 2018
Two things working against Kim and I on Monday, it was MLK Day…and snowmaggedon 2018 was supposed to take place in Lexington. It did, we got 1-1.5 inches of snow (it is now Wednesday afternoon the 17th as I type, and the kids haven’t been in school all week!), but I digress, the other was that because ice was expected, Demetrius’ order of Concerta wasn’t to be filled at the local pharmacy…. which means on Monday he’d go without.
That always is fun…for Demetrius. I mean, it is fun to watch and experience…just not regularly. He’s huggy, he’s chatty, and he eats enough food for three-to-four people.And his autism really kicks in (TV-Talk becomes TV-Yelling, walking across the room for one thing becomes an impossibility if something shiny catches his eye, he fixates on certain things and won’t let them go…like what time we are going to go see Black Panther when it comes out on February 14th, where we are seeing it, are we picking our seats …